Our Story

The North Greenwood Community Coalition (NGCC) was started in 2007 by a group of local leaders and concerned citizens and the surrounding communities in response to the growing problem of crime, felonies, drug sales and general lawlessness that had become to be so pervasive in the North Greenwood area.

Drug dealing had reached a point where it was being done in the open and as well drug deals started taking place in Church parking lots, it had to stop. 

A large number of youth had begun to drop out of school with only a ninth grade education and some had taken to the streets to openly sell drugs, the local drug dealers became the role models for community youth.  You could purchase a gun as easily as you could purchase a basketball.  Drug dealing had become glorified and a solution to the lack of education and parental control. 

Monthly open meetings were held to combat these problems as well as Anti-Drug Marches were organized to let people know we were not going to take it anymore.  Sub-committees were formed and organization was implemented to help not only combat the drug problems but as well to help form SOLUTIONS to help the people who lived there to “Take Back Their Community”. 

 Since that time the NGCC has worked tirelessly to not only help the community but to keep the community informed and working in a cohesive effort to open doors for people needing jobs, resume assistance, drug addiction counseling, mentoring, sports activities, anti-drug events, back to school events and helped form a local area Charter School (Life Force Arts and Technology Academy) which is geared in the “performing arts and technology”. 

 The NGCC is dedicated to maintaining a strong relationship with its community and local government as well we constantly strive to form new relationships that will help us achieve our goal of a drug-free and prosperous community.